New Gimpel (Archangel) Mutation Poster

We are proud to offer you our Gimpel Pigeon Mutation Poster, with all the currently existing mutations!!!

It Is NOT Just Another Poster

BUT A Unique Educational Tool 

For Every Gimpel and Pigeon Breeder!

This poster has everything!


Modern Design

Modern design that covers all the basic, new and rare mutations bred around the world. 

Digital overpainted by hand state of the art colorful, realistic birds! Best quality and high-resolution illustrations by Polina Dis.


All In One Source

✅ All 3 alleles of the basic color gene (Ash-red, Blue, Brown)

✅ All 4 alleles of genetic patterns (Barless, Bar, Check, T-check)

✅ All 3 alleles of dilution locus (Pale, Dilute, Extreme dilute)

✅ Epistatic Mutations (Recessive Red, Spread, Dominant White)

✅ Leucistic (Pied) Mutations (White flight, White head, White tail,  Recessive white)

✅ Genetic Modifiers (Smoky, Sooty, Dirty, Iridescence, Gimpel Bronze, Grease Quills, Ancestral – Autosomal Dominant


Basic Genetics

✅ Basic Color’s Inheritance (Ash-red, Blue, Brown)

✅ Pattern Inheritance (Barless, Bar, Check, T-check)

✅ Dilution Locus Inheritance  (Pale, Dilute, Extreme dilute)

✅ Leucistic (Pied) Mutations Inheritance (White flight, White head, White tail,  Recessive white)

✅ Epistatic Mutations Inheritance (Recessive Red, Spread, Dominant White)

Exambles with punnet square!

gimpel genetics-ant


Fast & Safe Delivery

We care for your poster. Each poster has a unique hologram sticker that proves its uniqueness!

We ship via DHL meaning fast and reliable delivery! In case of a distant location, we ship via Hellenic Post Office.

We check every poster to be free of any defects and it is packed with care! Each poster is placed in a durable tube to ensure safe delivery!

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